A Blue Yamaha

Refinished by Wes Hull, this guitar was one step from extinction. I will let Wes give you the details;

I wanted to try my hand at refinishing and not wanting to ruin a perfectly good guitar, I bought his Yamaha RGX-312 on the internet for $80. It took about a week to get the original polyurethane finish and black paint off. Sanding sealer was applied to smooth out the dents. I wanted a translucent effect and used ReRanch's GRBLU blue aniline dye dissolved in lacquer along with their aerosol nitrocellulose lacquer. For the final polish I used 3M's Finesse It II. This stuff is expensive but it works great. [ Wes, 3m offers a smaller sized black bottle for about $10.] I polished the frets, tremolo and tuners with it. Thanks ReRanch for sharing the information in ReRanch 101, answering my questions and providing quality products! Now if I could only play it...

Thanks Wes. Great job! Thanks for the pics.