A Vintage Cream Strat

Here is a Strat built and finished by Michael Mallady. The neck is from Warmoth but the body was scratch built by Michael! A few weeks back Michael sent us a pic of the color he was searching for and this color was blended for him. The color is now available as a ReRanch product.  The color was originally found on the Strats and Teles of the late '60s and discontinued around 1974. The color is now back in the Fender catalog and is called "Vintage White" by Fender. The ReRanch will call it "Vintage Cream". (Actually, the best description I have heard of the color is "Banana Pudding"). The Guitar body is from Warmoth and was prepped by filling with a natural colored water based grain filler and primed with BIN's white shellac.  Four to five coats of Vintage Cream were applied which were then clear coated with about twelve coats of clear nitrocellulose lacquer. All in all, Michael has created for himself the perfect Strat. Thanks for the pics.