A Custom Built "Telestrat" in Natural

Built and finished by Doug Patterson, I will let Doug give you the details.

"Bill, Here's a picture of my Telecaster body which I finished with your nitro and your tremendous help.  I followed your instruction by using grain filler, sand and sealer, yes four coats, then 15 coats of your nitrocellulose.  I wet sanded up to 2000 grit then polished with 3M Finesse-It polish.  I found a Fender brass telecaster kit with a 6-saddle Fender bridge, a Fender stamped control plate with matching knobs and switch hat and brass strap holders.  I wired in a Seymour Duncan Hot Tele bridge humbucker and a Fender Telecaster single coil neck pickup and dropped a w-b-w Fender pickguard on top.  I then bolted in a pristine Strat neck with Fender tuners.  It plays like a dream and the Warmoth swamp ash body gives the guitar the great classic Telecaster sound.  I like to set it up and just stare at the beautiful wood-grained body and think to myself... I did that", of course with the help of Guitar ReRanch. Thanks again!"
Doug Patterson

Thank You, Doug.