A Sonic Blue Tele

Built by Leebee from parts he accumulated over time, this Tele incorporates a Fender body with an All Parts neck. I'll let Leebee describe the finishing process.

I am sorry that the photo doesn't look better, it really doesn't do the guitar justice. I stripped approximately two feet of poly off of this guitar body (alder, real Fender). It took Kleen strip, 100 grit and a cabinet scrapper to do it. After that there were some trenches in the wood from all that strippin', so then there was more sandin' (250 grit). I sealed the wood with some shellac sealer , which also helped with that trench problem mentioned earlier, and after sandin' that smooth (800 to1000gt) I started laying on the ow-my-gawd-its-beautiful sonic blue in really really thin layers. Let that dry about a week, and then clear coated that. After sandin' that smooth (1500 grit) I waxed it with Meguire's. Dang it looks good. The neck I also did in ReRanch nitro, but I colored it with.......Kiwi Brown shoe polish!!! The color is VERY close to my 50's Strat. It's tricky, tho. Next time I will probably just go with the ambered stuff.

Great Job and Thanks for the pic!