A Seafoam Green Strat Relic

Built by David Stewart, this relic replicates the practice of over spraying one color over another. In this case, Seafoam Green over Sunburst. Here is Dave's description of the project.

This was originally a 1999 Made in Mexico 60's Classic Stratocaster. It was common for Fender in the late 50's through the 60's to overspray sunburst bodies due to finish flaw or dealer's demand for a certain color.  Luckily in this case the wood chosen for the body was not that great. There was a spiral imperfection in the wood grain itself, like the start of a branch stemming off of the main trunk of the tree.  So, I decided to overspray with ReRanch Sea Foam Green.

I did not like the original neck so I replaced with a genuine Fender replacement '62 American Vintage neck. I obtained a duplicate repro 60's Fender decal from Ebay and finished the peg face to match the Sea Foam body.

I followed your ReRanch 101 instructions, nine very thin coats of Sea Foam sprayed right over the sunburst, no pre sanding just a little synthetic steel wool (to avoid little bits of steel debris.)  I sprayed neck amber ( one thin coat) over the Sea Foam to age then sprayed three coats of ReRanch nitro clear lacquer.  This paint job was pristine. I had a very hard time getting enough courage to make the first scratch.  Anyway,  it's finished.

After seeing how nice the paint job turned out before distressing the body, I think my next project will be a brand new guitar project. Your paint & instructions are very easy to follow and easy to work with. I never had any problems with runs or orange peel. Thank you for offering such great nitro paint in aerosol cans.
- David Stewart

Thanks Dave for the pic.