A Resolectric Conversion

Built by Gary Anwyl from a Gretsch BSt-1000. It was finished in Sherwood Green. Here is Gary's description of the finish.

"I refinished the neck with clear gloss nitrocellulose lacquer. I used an opaque lacquer for the body with clear lacquer topcoats. The body grain was unexceptional and an opaque finish seemed much simpler than a stained wood finish. I used Bondo to fill a cavity in the back where the strings passed through the body. From the pictures it may look like the guitar is a trendy teal green, but it is actually Sherwood Green, the same color found on '57 Mercury automobiles and 60's Stratocasters. I used canned aerosol lacquers from Guitar ReRanch . It took less than one can of the colored lacquer and slightly more than one can of clear lacquer to finish the body and neck. I had never refinished a guitar before. To practice I refinished the neck before I started on the body. I am pleased with the results and found the process to be easier than I thought it would be."

Great Job and Thanks for the pics!