A Relic Nocaster

Built by Perry  Summerskill from parts he accumulated over time, this Relic Nocaster may be the most original Nocaster that was not built in 1951! The tuners are from the early to mid fifties, the pick guard is '50s bakelite, the p/u and controls are from an original Broadcaster with the original wiring 90% intact and the bridge plate is a mid '50s original. All new metal parts (mainly screws) were buffed with steel wool and then soaked in heavy black coffee. The neck and body are from AllParts. The body was finished in ReRanch Vintage Blonde with a dusting of neck amber in wear locations and clearcoated with a clear nitrocellulose lacquer. The neck was sprayed with a generous coating of ReRanch Neck Amber to replicate the darker neck color of the early fifties neck. Perry then sprayed the Neck Amber a little heavier in the the thumbstop and heel area to replicate the reddish color that hand oil typically leaves in these areas. The neck was then clearcoated with nitrocellulose. Using a buffing wheel on a Dremal tool wear spots were made on the finger board at the E, A and C chord locations. Lighter spots were made at the 12th fret E and A.  A brown stain was then used to darken these "wear" spots. After polishing the body and neck were rubbed down with #0000 steel wool. As a final touch Perry hit the main wear areas with #100 grit paper on a belt sander.  Perry has added about fifty years of hard playing to the guitar in about a month.

Great Job and Thanks for the pic!