A Daphne Blue Relic Strat<

This "new" relic  was refinished and reliced by Jeff Robertson. I'll let Jeff give you his description of the process.

I was able to complete my 1st finishing project with little difficulty just by following the steps on Bill's website.  I prepped the wood, applied sanding sealer, primer, color, and clear.  Once I had the perfect finish I decided to go one step further and turn it into a relic.  Tough decision but Bill was there to help all the way.  Bill's products work so well that my peers could not believe that I did this myself with aerosol's only.  I was able to do, at a fraction of the cost, what other companies are charging 300 to 600 dollars to do.  Thanks Bill.  Can't wait to place my next order.

Great job and thanks for the kind words. Glad I could help.