A Purple Stratocaster

This maple capped Strat was finished by Don D. using The ReRanch water based purple dye. Here is Don's description of the finish work;

"I just thought I'd send a couple of pics of the guitar I just finished building. I ordered the purple dye from you, after asking for the brightest purple you had. I wanted it to turn out very vibrant, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

I just wiped on the dye (several coats), and clear coated. I used no sealer, so several coats with wet sanding between them were necessary. I let each of the coats dry overnight. The neck was also clear-coated. After letting it all cure for about a month, I began wet sanding and final polish using MacGuiar's #2 Fine Cut Cleaner, and then MacGuiar's #9 Swirl Remover. Both were applied with a DA sander and foam pad.

So far, the guitar has been the life of the party. People can't believe that it's possible to do a project like this in the garage!"

Great job, Don, and thanks for the pics.