A PRS Gold Top

Here is a beautiful PRS refinished by Jim Fisher. (Note the PRS autograph) I'll let Jim give you his description of the process.

I used the instructions printed from the Guitar ReRanch website to refinish this 1996 Paul Reed Smith CE24 maple top in your Gibson Goldtop formula.  You really have to pay attention to the preparation steps and follow all the directions.  I had the opportunity to show the finished guitar to Paul (PRS himself!) and several of his key luthiers. He knew right away that the finish was not the PRS factory color, but thought it looked really cool.

He even signed it on the back!  What blew them away was that it was completely done with aerosol cans and not a professional spray gun! All in all, it was a very satisfying project to bring this beautiful PRS back to life.

Regards, Jim Fisher.

What a wonderful job. For those of you contemplating doing a Gold Top, here is your standard. Also, remember what Jim says about the preparation work. That is the secret of a perfect Gold Top.