Music Master Bass in Fiesta Red


This old Fender Music Master Bass was resurrected by Kip Scarlett. I'll let Kip explain the work he did on the bass,

"I removed the purple RustOlium and severed black pickguard, I stripped and sealed it with Behlen's sand and sealer.    Painted a base coat of white nitro cellulose to create a canvas for the color.   Used 2 cans of color and blush remover when need (often in Florida).   Then  2 cans of clear on the body. The NECK:    I sanded the edges that were chipped and unsightly.   I sanded the face down making sure I didn't hit the logo in anyway.   Then re-colored the sanded bare areas with Guitar ReRanch Fender Neck color  (which was a perfect match!).   I did this with a brush lightly dipping it in some color sprayed in a cup then drawing from that.

Then about 10 light coat of clear over 3 days on the head only.   That created a very natural un-refinished look.   Now though, it looks like it is just in really new condition.

OTHER STUFF:   New screws (important for a new look), new handmade pickguard, new knobs, new jack imput,  new frets (since the old ones were ripped out and not replaced)  new nut, new strap buttons."

A great job as usual, Kip!