A Lake Placid Blue Relic

Don't adjust your monitor! Yes, it is a green Lake Placid Blue Strat. Many original guitars finished in Lake Placid will "green" as the lacquer yellows. This Strat was "speed aged" by Dave Stewart with the ReRanch Tinted clear lacquer. Here is Dave's take on the process;

"Bill, Here's my latest. It's a Black oversprayed Lake Placid Blue. Then I used your tinted lacquer to get an aged version. This explains the greenish hue. As you probably already know many people have confused this color with Ocean Turquoise when in fact it is a result of the lacquer yellowing.  I think I effectively achieved this balance. It's tricky though. You've got to know when to stop laying coats of tinted lacquer or else you've just made an obviously very green metallic guitar.  In daylight, this looks more like a darkened Lake Placid Blue with a hint of green."

Thanks, Dave. I really like the color!