This Gibson SG was abused and nearly lost to the wood pile. The 3/32" thick mahogany insert and the 2/32" body rout were cut to a slight taper with the neck end the narrower end and left slightly (apx.1/64") wider overall.

After pre fitting the insert was then glued in place by tapping it in from the bridge end and then clamping the insert flat. The taper and extra width forced the side joints tightly together rendering an almost invisible glue joint. The lateral joints were hidden in the end grain and at the neck end under the pickup surrounds. The insert was then sanded flat.

The new wood was a lighter mahogany than the original and had to be first dyed darker using GRMBRW medium brown water based aniline dye. The body then was sealed and sprayed with GRCHRL Heritage Cherry aniline dye. The body was then clear coated with clear nitrocellulose lacquer and polished.

All work was done by The Guitar ReRanch.