Great job. Thanks for the pics and keep your project pics coming.

A Fiesta Red Strat

Don't adjust your monitor. The Strat is a lefty! Finished with the Fiesta Red and clear coat aerosols by Dave Stewart this Strat would be welcomed in any ones collection. Dave followed the steps detailed in the ReRanch "Solids" section. I'll let Dave give you his description of the process.

"This guitar started as a 1998 Fender Standard Lefty Stratocaster in typical 3 tone Sunburst. Usually lefty's get the short end of the stick as far as custom colors go so I refinished this in Fender's most popular Fiesta Red. Although the original Fender transitional decal is underneath the pegface color, I applied a spaghetti logo decal. I like painting over existing finishes because most of the grain filling is done and the existing finish is already uniform as far as a smooth surface goes. All original hardware and pickups were reinstalled since I wanted to keep this project within a certain budget. One lesson I learned on this project was to make sure to allow enough time to cure. I was too impatient and as a result got a few surface scratches which I had to lightly sand out with 1500 grit wet sand. I think the 3M Finesse It II is the most important key to the mirror finish. I even started using it on my car which turned my paint from chalkboard shine to glass."