A 1965 Fender Jazz Bass Replica

Finished and built by Michael Sonneson, I'll let Michael give you the details. Take it away Michael...

Bill, Thought I'd send some pics of my latest project based on a '65 jazz in fiesta red with matching headstock. This is an Allparts alder body and a special order Warmoth neck with brazillian rosewood and vintage 20 fret board with clay dots. Again I'm using all Fender parts where I can. The mint green guard is R/I Fender as is the bridge, thumbrest and strap buttons (I have one more to go on the back of the headstock but haven't put it on yet).  The authentic Fender CBS oval tuners were found in the Netherlands believe it or not, the logo is a repro and the neck sports an authentic '65 F plate.The control assembly and knobs are another NOS '75 that I found. I made brass shields from stock I bought at the hobby store and they line the p/up cavities and control cavity and are grounded authentically. Seymour Duncan antiquities are soldered to the plates.  I contoured the alder body to match more of the early '60's Fenders. I used Parks sanding sealer and Bins primer.One and a half cans of fiesta red covers the body.

To make it appear to not look so new I shot one light coat of tinted lacquer over the color to take the bite away. All old fiesta reds have an amber hue to them so I shot until it matched one that I have on hand. I also shot a  light coat of tinted lacquer over the headstock and logo.The neck was treated with neck amber and a few light coats of lacquer.
The rest was shot with about two cans of lacquer and left to dry for about two weeks before I wet sanded and polished. I also let the color coat dry for about the same amount of time. The longer the finish dries the easier it is to work it. The whole thing was rubbed out with Finesse it and polished with Zymol. All that's left is to mount the last strap button on the headstock and mount the '69 jazz bridge cover and p/up  cover. Can't bring myself to make the holes in the body though because I know it comes right off when I play. Love those Reranch products! All in all another project that looks incredible and is a sheer pleasure to play. This is my sixth Reranch guitar and I see no end in sight. I have a stripped '67 telecaster bass on the way as we speak. Fender blonde and tinted lacquer are in order. The color was real hard to capture on the camera. The closeups are the most accurate. Hope you like it.

Another satisfied Reranch customer. A great job as usual!! Thanks for the pics.