Great job guys and thanks for the pics.

A Sonic Blue P-Bass Copy

Finished by  Ethan and Don this bass began life as a Univox P-Bass copy. Here is a "before" pic  and here is what Ethan and Don have to say about the process;

The details...

Our first step was to prep the body.  The old finish appeared to be Nitro so we decided to simply sand a bit to give the new finish a little "tooth" to grab as well as to remove any old finish imperfections.  After vacuuming and tack-cloth the body was ready for it's first coat of Sonic Blue. Following the instructions at Guitar Reranch is pretty much fool-proof.  After the final color coat came some final light sanding and again - vac & tack.  Multiple clear coats were then applied.  After drying for a week we began the final steps to "Ultimate Shine".  Progressively finer grades of wet sanding followed by a couple applications of "Finesse It"  really brought out an amazing shine.

Thanks, Ethan