Jon, Thanks for the kind words. That is a fine looking guitar and I think the only Reverend in the Gallery. Thanks for the support.

A Blonde Reverend Restoration

Here is a complete restoration/ rebuild of a Reverend guitar from Jon Edie. Here is Jon's note on the process;

Hi there Bill.  I just wanted to send you a couple pictures of my guitar that I finished using your Fender Blonde finish.  Let me give you a little bit of background on the start of the whole project.  The whole guitar refinishing was a result of my Reverend guitar that was burned up in a house fire.  The entire body of the guitar melted and the rest was severely charred.  So, here comes the fun part...rebuilding & my first nitro refin! I ordered a a three piece blank of swamp ash and hand sketched the approximate shape of the Reverend's body shape.  After the band saw, router, drum sander, and much block sanding I was ready to prep the wood for finish.

I read reranch 101 about a hundred times and without it, I wouldn't have achieved such beautiful results.  The only thing I did different was starting my wet sanding with 1500 and then 2000.  The reason I did this was to avoid any sand throughs.  I applied very light nitro on this body...about a half of can, so I didn't want to cut through the finish too fast.  I will say it took me A LOT longer by starting with 1500, but the end result seems just fine.  One thing I cannot stress enough is proper wood prep...especially filling the grain.  The Fender blonde color is right on the money...reminds me of my '58 tele I had.  The color looks a little bit yellow in the pictures due to the fluorescent lights, but this color is great!!!  I love how it allows the grain to pop out.  This project was almost a year in the making & I can honestly say the guitar sounds even better now than it did before.  There's a lot more warmth and pop with the swamp ash body as opposed to the original phenolic body.  Bill, your products are outstanding.  Nobody believes this came out of a spray can. After I started this project, I started another one!  Guitar refinishing is addicting!!  It's great though & I love it!  Just wanted to say thanks again.

Jon M. Eide