A Chuck Lohf II Custom "Chucker"

No, that is not a maple cap on a mahogany body. It is solid white oak. I'll let Chuck explain;

"Well, I finally made through the long journey and finished my guitar.  I am sending a couple of pictures... hope they are worthy of the ReRanch Gallery.   Here's a description:  The body is made of white oak, hand cut to replicate an Ernie Ball Music Man Edward Van Halen Signature Series (the model is now called "Axis").

The used neck was stripped of it's original black gloss down to the raw wood.  The body was prepared as instructed in ReRanch 101, including the oil based grain filler and a water based sand sealer.  Then both the neck and body were tinted using the Fender Neck Amber Aerosol.  Then, to achieve the illusion of a wood top, I masked the top and a 1/4 of the sides and sprayed the back of the body in black. Finally, a healthy amount of clear coat to finish. I must admit however, I ran into a problem when it came time to wet sand.  After singing the "sand-through blues" one too many times, I re-lacquered with 4 more coats and went straight to the polish.  I don't work for 3M, but I can't say enough about "Finesse It II" finishing material.  With some extra elbow grease, I was able to get a high gloss finish by applying the finishing material directly to the lacquer without wet sanding.  Although I skipped a step, I can't thank you and the Guitar Re-Ranch enough for all of your help and great products.  I couldn't have done it without you!"

Chuck Lohf II

Very nice job , Chuck! Thanks for the pics