Paul, you mention that it looks like a real '52 reissue. Drop the "reissue" and I'll agree. It looks more like a real unplayed '52 than a reissue to me! You have one of the prettiest Teles around. Thanks for the support.

A Butterscotch Blonde Tele

Finished by  Paul Livoti,  this guitar began life as a Warmoth swamp ash body and an original Tele rosewood neck. As Paul says,

The details...
Here's the tele pics I promised you. I started with an unfinished swamp ash Warmoth body that had a 1/4" laminate on top with some nice grain. It weighed only 3lbs 8 oz (featherweight). I followed your instructions to the "T"...2x grain seal, 2x sand seal, etc. I did not cheat on this one and it shows. I got a real '52 reissue finish with your butterscotch blonde opaque and lots of coats of clear on top. The pics hardly show the grain, can't seem to get it to show with the digital camera, but its all there.  I used Meguiars Swirl remover for the final polishing after sanding up to 2000 grit. The rest of the guitar (except the Warmoth Body) is from my '78 Sunburst tele.

The body was so heavy you could moor a sailboat with it, so I used all the parts to create the '52 style. The bridge is a new Fender 52 reissue modified by Larry Miletech (he files down the bottom wall of the bridge and puts in compensating steel saddles). I had to refinish the neck because it was badly chipped (used your stuff of course). I left the headstock alone and matched the wood color with a dye. The controls were upgraded also to a 4 way by Larry. The neck pickup is a Duncan and the bridge pickup is original with the steel bottom plate, but rewound by Lindy Fralin. The tuners, string trees, jack, Neck plate, control plate & knurled knobs are all original from the '78. The black guard is by allparts-only ten bucks! My bass player was amazed at the finish, as are most people that see it.