John, once again, your guitar is beautiful. Thanks for the pics.

A John Brzys Custom

This beauty was built by John Brzys in the spirit of  PRS. I'll let John give the details;

"This is my 4th home crafted axe. The first two being half hazard attempts during my youth. The third was a decent sounding and playing instrument but was not all that impressive to look at. The latest attempt is the one that is featured above. It was built using the knowledge and supplies gathered mostly on the internet. The body is made of three pieces of wood. The mahogany back was purchased on ebay and the two pieces of maple on top were purchased from a saw-mill in Whitmore Lake Michigan (B & B Heartwoods). The body shape was cut out using a hand rendered template that was made to mimic a Paul Reed Smith. The pickup rings and knobs were hand carved out of the same maple as the top.  The pickups themselves are Parker Fly Deluxe Dimarzio Humbuckers that were acquired on ebay. The set-neck and Charvel tuners were also an ebay auction item, I reshaped the headstock and glued it to the mahogany portion of the body. The bridge is a Gotoh tune-o-matic and the tailpiece is a Wilkinson (both ebay). The electronics were purchased on-line from the Stewmac catalog along with the nitro cellulose lacquer and liquid dye. The 5-way selector switch was one of the hardest parts to find. I finally located one online at a place  And finally, the most important piece of the project, which was also the least expensive, was the knowledge and experience from the experts at the Guitar ReRanch. I must have read the "finishing" portion at least 20 times."