A Blonde Tele

Built by Jack Lawson this blonde Tele rivals the factory for looks and according to Jack, playability. Here is Jack's description of the process.

Here's the rundown on the finish technique:
The  Swamp Ash Tele body was made by my friend Marty at MMGUITARS in New York. I used a Parks sanding sealer to seal the wide grain of the swamp ash, I used about 4 coats. I then used Wood Grain Filler made by Benwood to fill the rest. I then sanded the body smooth and started the painting. Using the Fender Blonde Nitro Lacquer I decided to go for a more non-see through finish, I used a full can of blonde. I then waited a week to let the blonde cure. I came back after a week and sprayed the remaining clear coats (about a can and 1/2) with another week to cure. The finish was then wet sanded with water and a touch of dish soap added. The grades of wet/dry sandpaper I used were 1000 and 1500. After that I used Mequiars #9 Swirl Remover and hand buffed it to a shine.

Great Job Jack and Thanks for the pic!