Daphne Blue 1965 Mustang
Finished by Doug Patterson

I started with a stripped '65 Mustang body and prepped it according to your website instructions. I applied your daphne blue color, wet sanded it to 2000 grit and rubbed it with the 3M Finesse-it II polish and the body turned out great. The neck was bought separately. It came with big globs of nitrocellulose and I sanded and sanded leaving some of the original darkened and aged finish, painted the headstock with your daphne blue nitro and added more clear coat and finished it according to your neck finishing instructions.

Again, it is beautifully finished.I slapped the body and neck together along with about $10,000 worth of parts (not really, but Mustang part can be pricey). It plays as good as it looks. Thanks again for all your help!
Doug Patterson

Thanks Doug! The Mustang looks great. And thanks for the pics.