A Daphne Blue Relic Strat

Finished by  Casey Meyer,
Here is Casey's description of the project;

This guitar started its life out as a 62 reissue, with an olympic white body. That body was replaced by a 62 reissue sunburst body. However the sunburst on the body was just awful, it was almost an orange to black sunburst, not attractive at all. So, after much debating, I figured to give refinishing it a shot.  Needless to say, your products and instructions made it much easier than it could have been otherwise. I stripped the original sunburst off, sanded it down, and applied the wood grain filler,

sanded, and sprayed 2 coats of sanding sealer, sanding between coats.  This gave me a nice smooth base to start with. I then applied 2 coats of white primer, also sanding between coats. For the color, I chose Daphne Blue. I ended up with 6 coats of color, and around 5 coats of clear lacquer. After all the final sanding and polishing, I decided to try something and make this beauty into a relic.

I researched the common wear spots on Stratocasters, and tried to make it replicate those as closely as possible.  As you can tell, the final product turned out very well. I sanded down the arm wear areas, and used a variety of tools for the paint chipping.  To age the pickguard I used a tinted amber lacquer and sprayed each side, leaving the area under the pickguard lighter than the rest; as it wasn't touched as much due to the strings.  The final product is better than I had imagined. Thank you Bill for  making such great products available, and the instruction is second to none.  I can't wait to get started on my next project!

Casey Meyer

Casey, The Strat looks great. It does look like a '62 that has been through the bar wars. Thanks for the description and pics.